A frequently asked question from New Jersey home buyers is whether or not they are able to have inspections on the home they are looking to purchase. Buyer’s are entitled to the opportunity to have many different types of inspections such as home inspections, pest inspections, oil tank, or radon tests.

A top challenge that home seller’s face is “passing” these inspections.

When it comes to a home inspection, there are no guidelines to whether a home “passes” or “fails”. The buyer is the one who decides whether a home “passes” the inspections or not.

The reasons this is a challenge that home owners face when selling their home is because every buyer has a different opinion on what constitutes an acceptable or “passing” inspection. Some buyer’s will be alarmed because of a “double-tapped” circuit in the electrical box and others will not.

While this one example is a quick and inexpensive fix, there are some buyer’s who will get scared off by a simple fix such as a “double-tap”.

One great way to overcome the challenge of a “passing” inspection is by having a pre-listing inspection. Having a pre-listing inspection is only one thing that a seller should consider before listing their home for sale. This gives a seller the opportunity to correct the items that a home inspector finds and can eliminate alarming the potential buyer of their home.

However if the inspector comes up with costly repairs such as a aging roof, outdated heating and A/C or window replacement that can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars then you have to decide to invest in the repairs or sell as is.

Many repairs you will not recoup the investment you make, see an example window replacement investment:

Window replacement (vinyl)

  • Average cost: $17,641
  • Average resale value: $12,761
  • Cost recouped: 72.3 percent

You could recoup around 72 percent of the cost to replace your current windows if you install low-E, simulated-divided-light vinyl windows that feature a custom-color exterior finish. (Low-E means low emissivity, an energy saver.)

You’ll want to ensure that the trim exterior matches existing ones, and the interior trim is left untouched. The average cost for this type of renovation will set you back around $17,000.

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After we buy a house, the house is then remodeled and sold to a new homeowner to love and live in.